It's the greatest disasater movie of all time... with dinosaurs. And a unicorn.
It was a time when the world was closer to the touch of creation. Mankind was yet young and perhaps having too soon gained dominion over the world, had fallen into corruption.
Noah, who loves God above all else, has turned his back on this world and built himself and his family a refuge against the growing tide decay.
Though he'd always heard the voice of God, these new visions of utter destruction and great tasks test Noahs faith. Noah and his sons embark on epic quests to gather the worthy creatures of the world.
As they do, they must battle this savage young world where brutal men have harnessed the terrible lizards to spread dismay and destruction. Brutal men that covet the wealth of flesh gathered together and, in their back of their minds, feel that it may just be in their interest to hedge their bets and go ahead and take that boat in the middle of the forest.