Remember the 2009 Iranian election protests? Yeah... no one else does either because 19 days after it started, Michael Jackson, the media cycle shifted to 24 hour coverage of that "monumentous" event, taking all the air out of the protest coverage. Protests which would continue for another 7 months with relatively little media coverage.
"Why change the policies when you can just change the narrative?" That's what Thomas Cade, a mid-level CIA analyst asks in this intellectual thriller where indifference and bureaucratic inertia are as much the enemy as Iranian sleepers.
Unfairly tarred as a conspiracy theorist by his less imaginitive co-workers, his co-workers have all flipped the bozo bit, leaving Thomas alone and racing against the clock to gather the proof needs to convince his superiors to take action. The real world is as much about inter-office politics as international threats and the fate of the Iranian people hangs in the balance.